7 Easy Ways to Use AI in the Classroom Today

AI is rapidly transforming the world, and the field of education is no exception. As educators, it’s important to integrate AI into our classrooms to show students how to use it responsibly and ethically. In this blog post, we’ll explore 7 ways to use AI in the classroom that you can implement today!

Assessment in the face of AI – the game has changed

ChatGPT is easy to use, and is even set to be fully integrated in to the way we use the internet on a daily basis. So how does that impact classroom assessment? What can we, as educators, do to encourage deep learning by our students and ethical AI practice? Dr Nici Sweaney, one of TCC,Continue reading “Assessment in the face of AI – the game has changed”

ChatGPT: What Academics and Educators Need to Know

The rise of AI, and specifically ChatGPT, is changing the game for educators across all sectors. We’re guessing you’re here because you’re wondering how AI might effect your assessment in class, and how on earth you can hope to manage its ethical use by your students. β€œThe push-pull relationship between assessment and misconduct, is anContinue reading “ChatGPT: What Academics and Educators Need to Know”